Anxiety and feelings of Inadequecy

June 1, 2010

Have you ever been frightened? Ever felt the pounding in your chest as you walk down a dark alley or as you go for that all important job interview? These feelings are all natural reactions to things that make us nervous. But what happens when anxiety isn’t “natural” anymore, when it becomes a life altering problem.

What happens when you fear being left on your own for a small moment of time? And then begin to wonder whether anyone is coming back home or whether they’ve gone for good.

Severe anxiety is a damaging and life engulfing problem and should be treated with serious concern. The problem is, when you have anxiety problems you need to change and change can be the most frightening thing of all. Neurotics (like yours truely) have trouble with emotions, the smallest problem can become the biggest obstacle. Something as simple as being turned out for a job or getting a grade that isn’t as good as someone else can be shattering and cause anger that is vented inwards.

Feeling inadequet and feeling angry towards yourself for the unwanted feelings you have can be the causes of self harm and eating disorders. Retribution is sometimes the solution to the persons problem and other times it’s control that is the desired aspect. Whether it is one or the other anxiety and not feeling good enough can come hand in hand.

How? Well if you don’t feel good enough for a job you’ll feel more frightened or not even attempt it, then you become anxious about the interview or just run from the situation so as not to make a “fool” out of yourself. If you don’t go to the interview you feel “not good enough” and if you do and panic you’ll feel the same. When flight overides fight in an unthreatening situation then that is when problem arise.

I am in flight mode at the moment and have been for a while. However, in my situation I feel that flight was the right option because otherwise stress and other emotional problems would have been elevated and caused illnesses to fluctuate. Even in flight mode illness and emotions are as high as can be so fighting feels out of the question because it’ll be more grovelling and saying “I’m feeling vulnerable, please look after me, I won’t get in the way too much if you give me the emotional support I crave.” Fighting requires a desire.

When you’re ready to fight then that’s the opportunity you should take. If you need to fly, then fly but think before you fly.

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