Disapointment and depression triggers

June 24, 2010

Id say that a lot of the triggers of depression are recurring dissapointments, maybe sometimes the same ones over and over. They can leave you feeling useless and even unwanted. If you are told by your counsillor to try and be more social yet your plans always fall through and don’t work out then you will feel the upset of plans not happening and then feeling that you could not follow the direction of your counsillor/therapist whoever then in all honesty it makes you feel a bit useless. Although im looking at it from the view of someone already with depression and how the triggers of the feelings may happen i’m sure the cause of depression itself can also be through the ugly word “dissapointment”.

disappointment – a feeling of dissatisfaction that results when your expectations are not realized.

So much of what we expect from life is all too much. When we seek perfection then dissapointment is sure to be your best friend. Some of the things we expect and don’t expect to happen are from past experience. When we turn on the tap we expect water to come out, when it does we are confused and dissapointed. Apply this to any expectations. When they don’t occur confusion and questioning begin to happen.

Life’s expectations like finishing school, having families, maybe seeing the world, when these things aren’t what we expected or if things don’t plan out the way they “should”, depression can creep in and make a lovely nest.

Some people may even see themselves as the dissapointment and the hardest person this hits is the person who no matter how well they do at something cannot see their own achievements but belittle them and say “Yeah well most people got an A” or “it wasn’t as good as hers”. Being one of those people is damn hard work but you see where the perfection fits in. To feel good about yourself when you have depression you have to feel youve achieved more than others or have done better otherwise you feel beneath people sometimes even useless.

Well that’s my lot for today i haven’t sleep in a few days, I’m sure i’ve got RLS like dad, i remember having it as a child, grr, goodnight xx

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