The other side.

July 5, 2010

It isn’t just those who are suffering with mental illness that feel pain, loved ones live in constant fear and worry too.

How does it make you feel that …….. has to see a psychitrist?

Worried that she has to see one in the first place yet at the same time very glad she is because at least it’s a step towards potentially getting the help she needs.

How often do you worry about ……….?

A lot, if truth be told and a heck of a lot more than she realises. Not going to stop me trying to put on a smile when I’m around her though.

How does ……..’s emotional problems affect your life/emotions?

Admittedly I tie myself very close to her, I do value her opinion highly and as we are so close, when she is down I become down. Things are a real struggle for me at the moment – yet I just wish I could do more to help her, then perhaps there’d be more space for me to confront my own feelings instead of burying them beneath the surface.

Do you find it difficult to keep a consistant relationship with ……… is it up and down?

It can be yes, we’ve been through several break ups already – none of which were ‘mild’ but we have been going strong for a while now and this is still the longest relationship I have ever been in and boy am I glad of it!

How would you feel if ……….. needed to take medication?

Not sure I guess, I’d probably just try and block it out, put on a brave face and hope it helps her.

Would hospitalisation frighten you?

Of course but if it’s what she needs then I’d do my best to be there at her side the whole time.


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