Physical contact.

July 7, 2010

When you aren’t used to a lot of emotional physical contact, this can mean that physical contact as a teenager or adult can make us feel uncomfortable.

I can hug people I am close to but it is only with my boyfriend I can feel comfortable with in an embrace for more than a few seconds. I’d say this is because it happens so often and because of the close and intimate emotional relationship we have. When there are people who are natural comfortable huggers and they hold you in a long embrace, I feel suffocated. I want to push them off me but I suffer it out of fear of them thinking I dislike them. Probably why I try not to cry around people because most people reaction is to hold that person. There is a lot of intimacy in an embrace and that intimacy is only appropriate for me with my boyfriend. A hug? Sure but let go, please!

I remember a therapist saying there’s something wrong if I feel uncomfortable with physical contact but I don’t believe there is I just feel I like my own space and that type of closeness is too close. I would understand if I couldn’t be touched at all and I feel that way when I’m in the pit of depression but even then, that one person can still hold me. I guess what I’m trying to say is when physical contact becomes an issue, those strong bonds can break through.


  1. I also find physical contact hard, except with my husband. My now ex-best friend and I never hugged, but she hugged all her other friends, but with my, I just don't like it. There are a few people I hug but not many. I also don't like to be touched in any way, say like on the arm or back or whatever. Except Andy. With him it's the same with you and your boyfriend. It's all the time and I love his hugs. I don't know why it is that I am this. I've never really thought about it.~Sarah~

  2. Well I just look back at my childhood and look at the physical side between me and my parents and it all makes sense x

  3. Welcome to blogging!!

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