Get over it

July 12, 2010

The worst possible thing to say to someone who has a mentall illness or mental health problem. It isn’t something you can simply get over, it’s like saying get over a brain tumour because there is something that isn’t right in the functioning of the brain. Some mental health problems i guess you can “get over” with therapy if it was a small trauma but a mental illness? Ignorance. I always thought people knew what bipolar was because all my life I lived with it but i’m amazed at the amount of people who have never heard of it and education is so desperately needed, I know this may sound ridiculous but I was so happy when there was a bipolar story on casualty the other day, i know it’s just a tv show but it mattered that they wanted to portray the condition to people and give them a little education. The same with eastenders, nowadays tv seems to be the only way to really demonstate serious issues to people and i’m grateful to those that chose to do that.

If you feel the relation between mental illness and a brain tumour is overexaggerating then just think, the brain function is played with and it can lead to death, something may not be growing but it’s still life threatening.

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