Do you ever feel neglected…

August 10, 2010

I’d had to live with obsession causing my neglect and I thought that one day I wouldn’t have to face that anymore but then I fell in love…and he has an obsession. They say we choose people like our parents…I guess in ways I could say I definately have followed that pattern. Obsessions that fill a hole…a hobby is selfless, you can make time for the important things. Obsession, it doesn’t cut it, important things can wait, love can wait. My mother obsessions fills a hole but while filling that hole her whole life is engulfed and when she can no longer have her celebrity “fix” what is left…? Shame gaming can’t die. Even for a small while. Obsessions hurt. I know, I’ve had an ongoing obsession before, it costs me so much money and so much time and I didn’t care about anything else aslong as I had that obsession. But it died down and I’m glad it did. It’s not good to have your life purpose as an object, a play, a game. Because in the end when everyones gone and the materials left…we are alone. I love you…but I can’t live with this forever. I need a husband who is there emotionally when I need him or It’ll just be like growing up with my parents again. Get as angry as you want, complain all you want, things changed for a little while…they come back. Imagine life without me and give me your answer. I love you and sometimes…It’s hard.

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