Disney’s Dumbo and It’s BPD triggers for me.

August 23, 2010
I know this sounds absurd but I thought I would write about this because I couldn’t actually watch the movie all the way through and when I did turn it off I slipped into a short depression. I know this probably makes me sound like a bit of a sap but watch it, it’s a horribly sad/triggering film.

Trigger 1: Bullying. I just imagine him as a small child being laughed at for being different by adults. Feeling out of place.

Trigger 2: Naievity of the bad going on around you. He stays cheerful while things around him fall apart unaware.

Trigger 3: Danger: Mad Parent. Feelings of abandoment come to play as a parent is classified as insane and taken away from you.

Trigger 4: Being at ther height of anxiety and being pushed further than you can manage until you fall.

If anyone said to me which Disney Character are you most like, I’d always say Dumbo.


  1. I'm not sure whether this was meant to be serious or in jest, but either way I actually found this really moving.But then Dumbo did make me cry as a kid.

  2. It was actually pretty serious, I couldn't watch the whole thing!

  3. Not absurd in my eyes. I am exactly the same with this kind of things. I sit and bawl my eyes out at wildlife documentaries. Those ads for animal cruelty have me crying for hours and even after the tears a depression remains. When I had a car accident the other day I sat at the bonnet of my car, hugging him, crying and begging him to forgive me; I didn’t care about myself nor the other woman involved.

    Apparently this is about the empathy and sadness I somehow have for myself, but which is compartmentalised somewhere deep. Hmm.

    So yeah, these kind of triggers resonate with me and you’re not (that!) insane 😉


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