Music for the soul

August 26, 2010

I know this will make a certain someone feel good and I adore her and her music anyway so she deserves to feel good!  A good song can always make a mood change and a bad song can change it right back. The soul needs music that inspires and speaks to our hearts.

One of her songs really speaks to me and brings me to tears when I hear it, It expresses everything I fear and everything I experience in everyday life. I won’t mention her name as she likes to stay anonymous on blogging but she knows who she is.

She is an inspiration to us here “on the borderline” 😉


EDIT: I have permission to name such lovely lady as Kayla Kavanagh, search her on youtube, facebook, google, everywhere! Do it! 😛

One comment

  1. What an eloquent post, thank you for sharing.

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