The hatred of food.

August 27, 2010

A few months ago, I began to lose a lot of weight and I enjoyed it, I wouldn’t eat for a while and was sick a lot. I lost about 2 stone and I felt good. Then something happened and I’m doing the opposite, lots and lots of binging, no purging. I have put that weight back on and I feel terrible, I felt lighter and more feminine, I was the smallest I’d ever been but not deathly skinny, I was down to a 12 from a 16.

I don’t know how to lose it again without the extreme and the time. But I say I won’t eat and I still binge, I just want it to stop. I love food but how could I resist a few months back and now I can’t? Why can’t I be consistant and be able to achieve what I want to at a given time. I want to lose it again, binging isn’t good but without the risky things I’m not sure how to lose any weight because I’m binging so much. A healthy diet is a joke because my parents buy processed meals and we each cook for ourselves seperately and the house is forever full of junk. If it’s there, I’ll have it. I’m starting to hate food.


  1. I am *literally* just about to post on exactly the same thing … know completely how you feel 😦


  2. First off, do not go without food. All that time you spent not eating has helped trigger the binge eating you are going through now. (I know this because I used to binge.)

    Allow yourself 100 to 200 calories a day of the junk food that you crave, and the rest of the time try to fill your sweet cravings with berries and other fruit.

    Pile your plate high with food at dinner time, but make sure 1/3 to 1/2 your plate is full of vegetables.

    Do NOT starve yourself. Eat lots of good, nutritious food.

  3. If I could go back 10 years I would do ANYTHING not to go down that path again, Simone. Losing too much weight will literally steal years from your life, it’s so good your noticing a potential loss of control now, please please do it insensibly, and ask for help in the right areas while youve still got a sensible head on your shoulders cos its an evil club to join, believe me xxxx

    • Thank you Jenny. I don’t think it’s a case of becoming anorexic or bulimic, i just miss being a size 12 and feeling good about my body, i wouldnt ever lose so much that i went below a 10 ive got big hips and boobs id be out of proportion!! Xxx

      • Good, try keep thinking down the lines of doing things sensibly. I was vomiting for very very protracted periods of time and ended up losing dangerous amount of weight, ALL my teeth ( I’m a very young denture wearer!!), and having 2 cardiac arrests and over a hundred medical admissions for IV potassium and nasal gastric feeding. Really really crap, and most definitely very very risky. Personally I think you look fab, and have nothing to worry about, but if you ARE wanting to control your weight please please use the sensible methods. Best plan is quarter plate carbs, quarter plate protein and half plate veg or salad. And if you regulate snacks they are fine and will reduce urge to binge xxx

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