Ignorance: Take 2…no wait…take 5000.

August 28, 2010

I recently sent a message to a woman who was writing unpleasant things about my mother online. Admittadly some of the things were true but It felt very attacking and upset my mum a lot. I wrote in the message that I felt her approach to my mother was bullying and very immature (in a kind manner and not threatening or nasty). I told her if she’d like to read my blog then it’d be something better to do with her time, but I don’t think she will read this.

I received a reply, claiming “You are only 18 and admit you suffer from mental health; therefore in no frame of mind to judge my maturity level with yours.” No frame of mind! How dare you…Despite the fact is says mental health. We all have mental health, she did not state whether good or bad. My God, I have mental health…I have no judgement of character because I have a brain? Bloody hell, some people. Oh and she kept mentioning she was sorry I had depression and would pray for me. I didn’t say depression. Why does bad mental health mean depression?

*leaves and slams the door behind her*


  1. HA. Who is this woman to make a comment like that. Odds are good – reading some of your posts – that you are in a better position than she is to know what is right and what is fair. You took the high road – the adult way of dealing with it and she responded like a child. Your mental health status has NOTHING to do with the fact that she has been bullying your mother online.

    If she persists, she has welcomed you to stoop to her level and become nasty.

    Take no prisoners. 🙂

  2. The sign says it all. Ignorant and mean people seem unable to keep their cyber-mouths or real mouths shut. I’m sorry i have no answer for you. Who is this person to discuss your mom anyway? UGH-people can be so irritating. especially the ones ignorant of their own mental health issues. It sounds like she has somethin going on.

  3. I’m 18 too, and geez, just because we’re 18 doesn’t mean that we’re immature. And you’re right that we all have mental health, having good mental health is a positive thing. Anyway, having mental health issues does not mean that someone cannot judge things for themselves. Some people are so ignorant. Good on you for standing up to her and writing her that letter though.

    Take care,
    Cassie x

  4. She’s a prize plonker, methinks… oh well… carry on, Maybe, and *please* take that ‘fail’ notice down from in front of your avatar: a mental health problem is no more a sign of failure than any other health problem.

    • Thank you so much Phil, the fail is really not to do with my mental state more the things I have quit (school and college) But I shall change it just for you 😉 I agree it won’t help me at all xx

      • Aw, thanks, lovely 🙂

        I’d also say that quitting school and college aren’t necessarily signs of failure either, btw: sometimes you simply have to face up to reality and accept that some things are (even if only temporarily) out of reach.

        Me, I’ve just had to step aside from a “successful” career as a bookshop manager for 10 years because sales have declined and it was either stick around to be made redundant or find something else. I’m now at the bottom of the pile as a general assistant in a supermarket. Is that failure? I don’t think so: it’s a new beginning.

        Life conspires against us: we fight back. Keep fighting, Maybe!!

  5. I think her response to you tells you everything you need to know about her … if she persists report her and tell her to (go procreate creatively) …

  6. I’m late to this hun, but I just wanted to echo what the others had said. Hugs to you. xxx

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