August 31, 2010

Today in a “conversation” about benefits, once again with my mum it became a heated argument. As much as I tried to explain that dad could no longer work due to the huge deterioration in his mental health, she won’t accept something as a barrier if it’s not physical. She then went onto to “explain” that I’m only “the way i am” due to my “crazy dad” who “caused his own bipolar” and “she could have had a breakdown but chose not to”. I told her that we don’t choose to be mentally ill and cannot prevent a true breakdown but clearly once again she would have none of it and scoffed and laughed and began once again to speak about her needs and how she keeps a job she hates so she can get away fom us. Yet she refuses to leave dad and start her own life because he pays the majority of the bills even though he’s on benefits. I snapped and said how it wasnt dads fault i had a traumatic childhood it was her for leaving me with a psychotic father at 6/7 and all she could say is that i could have gone to someone elses house (how would i get anywhere at such a young age?) She complains and hates us for what we have wrong with us yet she chooses to stay for her own emotional needs. She is mentally ill, she just doesnt’t see it so I just said that’s it and left. I’m safe at my grandmas and shes on holiday so my boyfriend is coming to keep me safe. Goodbye mum, when you grow up, call me.


  1. Glad you are safe at your grandma’s. I hope everything will be ok.

  2. Oh hun 😦 That’s horrible. Such wilful ignorance especially from people that are meant to care for us unconditionally is so sad and, frankly, unacceptable. I hope everything will work out but for now I’m glad you’re safe. Please take care.

    Lots of love and hugs

    Pan ❤ x

  3. shit, that’s not good, i hope you can stay at your grandma’s and that your bf looks after you.

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