New meds.

September 3, 2010

Well yesterday I went to see my psychiatrist, he asked what I wanted from the session and I asked about my bloods and whether I was getting medication. Obviously the blood test was lost after I panicked about it in the first place and he gave me meds anyway. 0.5mg of risperidone for when I’m particularly raging or anxious. He won’t give me benzos incase I become addicted and won’t give me Anti D incase it triggers Bipolar from my dad. He didn’t want to give it at all but I insisted on just something small to help so he gave it as a prn and I have 28 for the month but he said he hopes it’ll last two, he said that he’s seen so many young pretty girls turn into dawn french on risperidone, so I know he was trying to put me off and of course he said if i felt like overdosing it’ll only make me feel incredibly sick. So i was left with risperidone. I has some anxiety about it last night…

I took some last night and it calmed me and I felt very drowsy however I didn’t sleep at all which intrigued me because I was so sleepy. I searched online about sleep and riseridone and all it said was that it aids sleep…Bwah?!

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