Dr T, the narcissist.

September 4, 2010

This woman is beginning to get on my nerves a little. Her comments are unfair and brutal, I’d say very black and white. A splitter maybe? Her attack seems to be against only women too which is a little odd as some men have cluster B disorders too, even if it isn’t as many. Her pages seem to be filled with adoring men who idolise her and praise her. Methinks she is a lost little girl herself who needs this praise and appreciation which she may not have recieved elsewhere. She believes everything she says is right and seems to feel above people who are cluster B’s. A little Narcissistic, no?



  1. There are actually quite a lot of male Cluser Bs – although Borderline and Histrionic are heavily female, Narcissistic and Antisocial are both heavily male. I never quite understand the way they are clustered anyway – for example many Borderlines have Dependency issues, so why are they in different clusters, and yet Antisocial, which really has very little in common with Borderline, is in the same cluster? I think I would either get rid of the Clusters altogether, or rearrange them so that they make more sense – Antisocial should be shunted over to Cluster A, Avoidant and Dependent can go into Cluster B, and we can get rid of Cluster C altogether, because OCPD doesn’t really fit in with any of the others. But I would just get rid of the Clusters altogether. But yes, it is certainly strange the way she seems to think all Cluster Bs are female, when a high percentage are male. And yes, I do think she shows definite Narcissistic symptoms – I remember listing them on the original MN thread about her.

  2. I have tried to find evidence that this so called “Dr.” is a Psy.D…. in reading her blog, it is obvious that she has some major issues of her own. She seems to have only one bit of advice she hands out “LEAVE, JUST GO” she has no care about kids involved, the desire of the “victim” to help their spouse or GF. She plays to her all male audience is a strange way, seems almost like she gets off by the attention. I like how she continually solicits donations, what a crackpot. She sits on the board of a hospice non profit, how frightening is that!

  3. @detect1

    She is indeed a PsyD. Her dissertation is here: http://www.antiochne.edu/cp/dissertations_detail.cfm?DID=126

    Ceci N’Est Pas Une These is an applied psychoanalysis of the twentieth century Surrealist artist, Rene Magritte. Multiple levels of analysis are incorporated in this endeavor. Biographical information, including family background and developmental history, is examined. The interior life of the artist is explored, particularly in regard to the impact of childhood trauma on his artwork during a critical period in his adulthood. A psychoanalytic perspective is implemented to enable a deeper exploration of the vast reservoir of unconscious material represented in Magritte’s paintings. Two paintings, from a period in Magritte’s life during which he was in considerable emotional turmoil are examined. The theoretical concepts employed to analyze these works include early parental object loss, incomplete mourning, repetition compulsion, and creativity.

    Hmmm, I was always under the impression that psychobiography was something of a discredited research tool. I would have thought a clinical psychology doctorate ought to involve some actual real people rather than analysing biographies.

    As regards male and female cluster Bs – what Bippidee said. There’s loads of male cluster Bs, just they’re more usually NPD or ASPD.

  4. Her area of “study” was art history, the school is a flunky no name school. She is not listed as a member of the APA (the only real body of license for valid psychologists). My laymans analysis is that she has major Daddy issues and needs a lot of male attention. Since she is ugly as sin, my guess is she has structured a personality as “the only woman in the world who understands us men” Luckily, with her recent insantiy posted, her credibility is being continually questioned. She is a fraud, even if she spent the time in University, she is not part of the legitimate psychological world, this probably adds to her frustration. It is entertaining to watch the site mentalnurse counter her wild posts, I have become a huge fan of mentalnurse. I ran across the shrink4men site after my PD SO latched on to it for validation of why he is allowed to act like an ass. As I read her blog I thought, my God, this person is a loooooon! I felt I was the only one seeing this, but quickly realized she probably get a lot of pissed of people replying, but she moderates their responses out to maintain her “fanbase” My final dx is “ugly chick, never got asked to the prom, grown up now finally has some male attention” I guess if it works for her, so be it. thanks to you folks for being my reality check!

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