My dislike of non mental doctors.

September 5, 2010

Just went to hospital over reaction to risperidone, this is why i hate non mental drs:

(large, angry looking jamaican dr man): what’s wrong then?

Me: i think ive had a bad reaction to my new meds.

Dr: right.

Me: my throat feels swollen.

Dr: yes. *checks me over*

*goes to do blood pressure*

Me: which arm? ( knowing left is cut)

Dr: left.

Me: *hold out arm and tries not to show back side of arm*

Dr: *twists arm round* cutting eh? why you do this?!

Me: *looks down at floor* mental health problems.

Dr: eh?! What problems.

Me: borderline personality disorder.

Dr: your dad?

Me: Bipolar.

Dr: Mum?

Me: antidepressants.

Dr: hmmm. Nothings wrong but take this inhaler.

Me: * leaves feeling ashamed and humiliated*



  1. What a twat 😦 I’m sorry you had to go through that 😦 *hugs* ❤ xxx

  2. What a wanker.

    Hope you are feeling better now?

  3. Ugh, i hate doctors like that… Sorry you had to go through that 😦

  4. That truly sucks. What is it with these people? You have nothing to be ashamed of! *big hugs*

  5. Goodness…I’ve had similar experiences. I’m sorry that this happened to you

    take care, stay strong
    ps- i just ran across your blog and I am really glad I did. it’s inspiring to be able to relate and very helpful.

  6. Ugh, I hate insensitive doctors like that. I had a really terrible experience with a GP once when I went to her for my mental health issues. The doctor I saw in the Emergency Department was actually pretty good though, especially for a non mental health doctor. I’m sorry that you had to come accross a doctor like that.

    Take care,
    Cassie x

  7. I’ve never found a GP who isn’t like this, even my regular one who sort of understands and refers me on. She’s very bullish “show me your arms, I need to see the proof of self harm” etc when I asked for my last referral to p-doc. Not very encouraging and like you I end up entirely ashamed and embarrassed. I’m sorry it happens to you too.

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