This Dr T business.

September 7, 2010

I have sort of a confession to make. I’m feeling horribly guilty about all this abuse towards her. My boyfriend told me that if it goes too far we are just as bad as the offender. And that’s something I’ve always preached, he knows me too well. No matter how wrong someone does me I will still feel guilt if I am the same back because then I am giving them another reason to be that way back and it never ends. I have always believed in treating people with respect and care no matter how wrong they do you because I, personally, don’t want to hurt anyone and doing so makes me feel horrible about myself. I guess all this that I have done has been to get approval from all the mentalists I have befriended. It isn’t me to talk bad about people. In a way I feel the way I’ve acted only proves what Dr T. has to say and I have decided to prove her wrong. I will write on the 4th of October against Dr T but gracefully without malicious intent, to propose a different view point.

Im sorry guys.

Yours, Savannah Borderline.

P.S. I will always be the “nice” girl. And yes it means I will probably get stepped on now and again.



  1. I too – despite how I often come across in my blog (or, probably, online in general) which is my haven for the darker side of myself – am to all intents and purposes a ‘nice girl’ and I have to be really goaded to deviate markedly from that.

    I have to admit that I have found the response to ‘Dr T’s’ article to be hilarious; she’s clearly a deeply unpleasant individual, and I believe she deserves to be derided. However, despite FB banter and whatnot, I completely agree that there is a clear and present need for rationality and reasonableness in this whole matter, and my upcoming article will reflect that. Ranting and taking the piss is funny to be sure (or at least it can be), but part of the point of the 4 October experiment is to show her asinine fallacies for what they are.

    The best way, in my view, to achieve that is exactly through the kind of non-malicious discussion to which you’ve alluded here, and that is what I intend to do, just as I tried to do on the original thread of the article.

    You don’t need to apologise for being right hun. xxx

  2. I will simply say ‘ditto’ to the above comment from Pandora, she has put it perfectly! And a really honest blog post, glad you posted it. 🙂 x

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