We all need to survive

September 9, 2010

We all survival insticts and hell they can be a nuisance in times of depression and emotional torment. However some of us have better survival techniques as others. I survive by getting stroppy if i dont get my way, irritating but it works. Then there’s the damaging things, self harm, painful but releasing, it works. Theres also good ways like writing, getting my feelings out in this blog help me survive. There are so many things that work for survival but in all honesty some ways are just a last resort because we feel there’s nothing else.

Even though people with mental illnesses have last resort coping strategys that are a bit crap theres got to be something special in them, because we are still here.

My coping strategys may be shit but I lived to 18 half sane and that’s a miracle in itself. I should be locked away forever or even dead but I’m not. I’m not bragging about a bad childhood, I’m saying that there’s got to be something within these bad survival techniques that works otherwise we wouldn’t be the survivors of our pasts. Even something simple like staying up late to have some alone time from a shouting and screaming household, it may mean 5 hours sleep but it can save an inch of emotional sanity. Sleep deprivation is bad but as a last resort. Yes we need to learn new safer techniques of survival but don’t knock them too much because we’re still breathing.

This was written for my lovely boyfriend…5 hours sleep and you still have the energy to love me. Now, go take a nap.

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