When I grow up I want to be a Psychiatric Nurse.

September 17, 2010

I just had SUCH a shock, my blog is features on a website (http://www.nursingschools.net/blog/) under 101 blogs to help you with depression. Bloody hell, that’s really made my day. I always wanted to be a mental health nurse from a young age, I wanted to help people who were ill like my dad. Then throughout the years I thought, would it really benefit me to be around people who may be seriously ill or would it trigger frightening childhood memories. I was heartbroken that I felt I couldn’t cope being a psychiatric nurse. Then , recently I realised I don’t have to be  Nurse to help people with mental health problems, my blog is doing just that. My dream of helping people with mental health problems has come true and I didn’t need a PhD to do it. Wow, and that’s really lifted it. I am doing what I always wanted to do 🙂 I didn’t fail.



  1. Excellent! I said you weren’t a failure, didn’t I? Vindication! It sure feels good. Don’t mind if I take a ride on your coattails?

  2. Thank you Phil! 🙂 You did, I really appreciate that. And sure, jump on! xx

  3. No you didn’t fail and you truly do help people with this whether they know it or you know it or anyone knows it! But this is here and available to anyone who needs a gentle glimmer of advice or a quick peek into another’s life who may have the same problems as you do.

    Yours sincerely, A Concerned Citizen

    • Stop using pseudonym’s Mr 😛 I know who you are!

  4. YOU KNOW NOTHING! Except what the government feeds you…..

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