My views on Suicide [Trigger Warning]

September 25, 2010

A friend of mine posted a post about her views on suicide recently, click the link in my blogroll of “confessions of a serial insomniac”, she is a great blogger and a good friend of mine and hope she doesn’t hate me for stealing her idea ;). I thought I would follow her example and write my views but first would like to say that if you are suicidal or have suicial thoughts please see a mental health proffesional or your gp or call the number that is used for emergency services in your country and seek the help you need.

I think that there is a lot of judgement around those who commit suicide due to the view that it is selfish. I think looking at euthanasia is a good way of evaluating how you feel about it, so many people feel that physical pain/injury is an acceptable excuse for life inactivity or limits and dismiss emotional distress is just a lazy man’s way of saying I can’t be bothered. Well they are wrong, emotional distress and mental health problems are just as if not more limiting. I’m not talking down to either type of problem I just hate that mental illness is generally overlooked. If someone was in constant physical pain with no end in sight and a poor standard of living would you believe that if they want to be euthanised and taken from their pain that it would be their right? Do we have a right to die? Before all of this mental pain I would have said that euthanasia is wrong and that it’s murder. Now I feel I can really understand why it may sometimes be selfish to force someone who is suffering immense pain to live. Is wanting to be in peace from a living hell as selfish as it seems? I believe that if someone has gone through every treatment, every therapy, every option and there seems no end then aren’t they being asked to suffer for the rest of their lives to satisfy others? I believe in the right to die.

Please don’t take this as me saying, if you’re in pain, kill yourself. That is NOT what I want, I want you to make it through with a hope that you will get better, what I want is the view of suicide being selfish to change. If someone gets that far and ends their life, I will mourn them, cry for them but be glad they are now out of pain. I will NOT call them selfish. You are not selfish to feel suicidal but I know when you do choose to live, there is a reason you chose that. Hold onto that reason.


  1. i’ve always seen it as a form of voluntary euthanasia really.

    you’re right, many many people see euthanasia as acceptable for people with long term debilitating illnesses, and personally i think mental illness should qualify. that said, i don’t think mental illnesses are overlooked, i think it’s more a question of the sound mind clause. i think even hardline euthanasia advocates would not want the death to go ahead unless the person in question had agreed to it of their own volition, and being of sound mind comes into that a lot. with mental illness, there’s an inherent problem with that because, and believe me it pains me to say this, when we are ill enough to want to die, we’re almost certainly not of sound mind – mental health does mess with rationality, to the point where the suicidal ideation is generally regarded as a symptom of *not* being of sound mind.

    like i said, it pains me to say this, because personally i don’t see life as an inherently good thing, i hate all this “life’s really valuable” bullshit, it can be, sure, but that doesn’t mean it inherently is. i’m “stable” these days (well, mostly) and even now although i’m not remotely suicidal, i really wouldn’t give a shit if i were hit by a bus tomorrow, and i still think, while in a sound mind state, that euthanasia should be allowed for MH and that people who are suicidal should be allowed to kill themselves if that’s what they wish. i don’t *think* i’m not of sound mind but i’m sure some people might read this and disagree!

  2. btw by “not remotely suicidal” i just mean not actively planning it, sure i think about it a lot but that’s not really the same thing, i don’t think. i tend to think of it in a kind of abstract way most of the time but as for actually making plans, not right now!

  3. I deal with suicide ideation but it’s rare for me to actually even consider planning. Also, there is a stigma that people who commit suicide are “stupid,” which is pure horse crap. The people who I knew who committed suicide all had above average intelligence. Maybe that was part of their problem. They were too smart to fool themselves that this world is a wonderful place.

    • i’d agree with that, especially the last bit.

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