It’s not Cancer Research.

November 23, 2010

Well with my fundraising I thought great I can do something good and have the sense of achievement that comes with doing something for a charity but along the way I have encountered some really upsetting and bitter characters who seem to find it fun to slag off my ways of raising money. Although last year it was for Children in Need.

Now the reason for this title is because I know for a FACT that if I were raising money for Cancer research or anything of the like then they wouldn’t care how I raised the money, they would gladly give me anything they could. I’m no way saying don’t give to cancer research I just hate that there are some issues that are seem as better than others when there should be a fair chance for everyone. All life threatening illness or physical disabilities will causes mental distress and/or depression of some kind. They are all linked. Mental Illness does not cause those diseases though. I am just so sick of people not believing that mental health is not an important issue. Every bad thing that happens to us affects our mental health, a death can cause depression and it’s something we will all experience in our lives.

Now what my mum was told by her work colleagues was as follows:

She got the tattoo for free so she can just give the money she was going to spend on the tattoo to mind, so I’m not donating. (Now this is absolutely correct, except the point that it’s a bad reason to not give to charity, money doesn’t last forever. And my £30 definately won’t keep the charity pumping out counsilling services.)

She got a free T shirt what more does she want?! (Now this was just spiteful, why does my free shirt have anything to do with raising money for Mind? I am not getting any money at all, it all goes to Mind.)

She did the stupid thing last year with her boyfriend too and asked us for money. (I have never met any of these people so I do not understand why they dislike me so much, last year me and my boyfriend were handcuffed together for 24 hours to raise money for Children in Need so this time it isn’t even Mind. People do “stupid” things for charity, that’s the point, people donate more to see people do something odd.)


I feel like I’m trying to do something good and helpful but without the good feelings that usually come with helping charities, due to these horrible comments. What are they doing for charity? It really puts me off carrying on fundraising because it is making me very depressed and I need to think about my own mental health when I’m doing this. It seems like this is all backfiring because my mental health is suffering by trying to help a mental health charity.

Maybe I’ll walk into work with a pink breast cancer T shirt on and see if they throw money at me. Sorry to sound spiteful, it just upsets me so much that people feel they should undermine my charity because they feel theres is much better. Donate to Cancer Research, donate to Mind, Just donate to charity! It’s all for a good cause.



  1. There are so many infuriated things I could say. What wilful, hurtful ignorance – not to mention nastiness. No need for any of it.

    Rather than rant though, I’ll just say that I completely agree with what you’ve said. Physical illness is a worthy cause, mental illness is a worthy cause. The problem lies with these arseholes, not you. They are twats; you are doing a very good thing.

    ❤ xxx

  2. Oh, this gets to me all the time.

    I think you should be proud of what you have raised and try and ignore the stupid comments. Some people are just selfish. Don’t give up on fundraising – support the charities you want to, do it in the way you want to and just appreciate those that do support you in that. The charities will appreciate whatever you can do.

    I get fed up of the focus on cancer charities, nearly always Breast Cancer. I do not understand why one condition is considered more important than any other and why it gets so much attention. It affects a lot of people, but the WHO has mental illness as causing a far higher level of disability and distress than cancer, yet it gets a tiny proportion of the funding.

    I think it is great that outcomes for people with breast cancer have improved a lot, but I think it is time something else is put in the spotlight and it stops diverting much needed cash from elsewhere.

    I do a lot of fundraising as part of my local “Ladies Circle”. I am the chair of our group and we have a policy which means we only support “under-supported” charities and ones that mean something to our members or local community.

    The National Ladies Circle’s chairwomen’s charity is Genesis Breast Cancer this year and they support Cancer Research on a yearly basis, but I wanted to do something different.

    We are currently selling a Naked Calendar featuring a load of local men. 60% of the profits are going to Everyman – which is a Male Cancer (testicular/prostate cancer) charity. Male cancers are largely overlooked and some of our members have partners who have been affected by it. Plus our fundraising involves naked men, so seems they deserve to benefit!

    The remaining 40% raised will go to a number of other charities – mainly local ones. We have also raised money for Rethink in the past.

    You can find out about it at http://www.lymmcalendar.co.uk if you’re interested. 🙂

    When I organised a Rethink Tea Party last year, it happened to be the same week as Macmillan Cancer Support do their annual World’s Biggest Coffee Morning. My work were arranging a tea, coffee & cake sale for Macmillan and I asked if we could split the promotion and funds raised with Rethink, as both charities were promoting coffee mornings/tea parties at the same time. Unfortunately my request was rejected by the organiser because they felt more people would support Macmillan. I don’t suppose I’ll be able to get them ever to fundraise for mental health. I will keep trying though.

  3. 😦 I agree with Pandora.

  4. Eugh people just dont have a clue – i think you are doing an amazing job – there is so much emphasis on cancer and other physical health charities, it makes me sick that mental health isnt considered worthy of peoples sponsership… some people are so far in denial! Keep up the good work! I think you are awesome and every penny counts! ❤

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