Appearance can be deceiving.

December 1, 2010

I thought I’d write about the outward views many people have on mental illness. Have you ever had anyone say to you “but you look normal.” when you’ve said that you have a mental illness? I often wonder what a mentally ill person is supposed to look like…

Do I walk around in a straight jacket? Would I then fit the criteria for what I am to look like. I don’t believe my family are able to understand the extent and severity of my illness due to being “normal” around them. Theyve never seen a panic attack or angry “I’ll kill myself” outburst and the reason for that is because I repress my feelings around them. There is no way I would show my vulnerability infront of them because I know they wouldn’t know how to handle it and would from then on judge me. Because of this, it means it l comes out infront of J, I’m not afraid to let it all out infront of him because I know I won’t be judged and I feel so utterly comfortable with him I probably wouldnt even feel mental rolling on the floor naked shouting “cupcakes!”. I remember last christmas I felt so utterly depressed and all I wanted was to sleep and my family wouldnt let me, I was forced to get up and join in with the “fesitivities”.

Don’t think you have to look downtrodden to be depressed, some people have had to put that happy face facade on for aslong as they’ve known.



  1. I could have written this myself. So, so true. I wish people who don’t understand would just accept that they don’t understand, rather than assuming that their misconceptions constitute comprehension.

  2. I’ve thought about this myself too. Because I don’t look or act depressed in front of my friends and family, it feels like they don’t understand how bad it can get.

    Take care,
    Cassie x

  3. I have problems with this – I virtually always have my happy mask on in front of people, which can lead to them thinking things can’t be that bad, or according to my sister that I just put it all on for effect. Just because I can feign being ok doesn’t mean that I am. x

  4. Very well written and so true to real life. x

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