Catherine likes to paint.

November 8, 2011

Catherine is 19 and she likes to paint.

As a child Catherine lived with her mother, not knowing much about her father other than the negative.

I met Catherine in Primary School.

She was a quiet girl, who had a infectious laugh and beautiful fuzzy Afro hair.

And Catherine liked to paint.

Catherine was a sensitive child and grew to be a sensitive adult, a hurtful word could break her heart.

Catherine was alone a lot, her mother worked more than one job and often nights.

So Catherine would paint.

Catherine’s mother had high expectation of her daughter and told her she should dress more sexy so she could get a boyfriend.

Catherine was plain but beautiful, with dark bistre skin. She didn’t need to change.

Then Catherine became a mother. To her sister’s children.

Catherine was a young teen when her sister had her first child.

Her sister would use her as a babysitter whenever she felt like it. Catherine was guilt tripped if she said no.

So Catherine would paint.

Her sister had another child. Catherine’s sister was badly treated by her boyfriend.

He would frequently leave her and never see the children.

Catherine tried to tell her he was no good. Catherine was shouted at.

So Catherine would paint.

Catherine was rejected from entering sixth form.

She didn’t know what she did wrong.

Catherine was diagnosed with dyslexia.

So Catherine painted.

Catherine got a boyfriend. He was white.

Her mother dissaproved. She wanted her daughter to be with a black Christian boy.

Catherine began to struggle with identity. Most of her friends were white. There was nothing wrong with them.

Catherine moved out of her mothers house to live with her sister.

Catherine was a constant mother to the children now.

But Catherine still painted.

Catherine went to University to do art.

Her sister and mother didn’t understand what she would achieve from art and weren’t supportive.

So, Catherine paints. She paints despite everything being against her.

Catherine will always paint.

I love you Catherine, you inspire me<3



  1. ❤ The fact I inspire someone is something that is strange to me. But reading though it, rather than experiencing it, I guess it brings to light what am going though is tough, and I am doing good in comparison to what other roads I could have resorted too… It is beautiful. ❤ and you got me spot on it scares me slightly…

    Lol, you forgot Alan. Even if he avoids this situation he always is a support beam of awesome at times, and how can you forget his muffins, seriously? 😛

    Guess what am going to do now?

    Yes, draw. 🙂

    Thank you. loves yous ❤

    • I was going to write about Alan! But then I forgot because I was so caught up in writing the bad things 😦 Alan is awesome 🙂 but but…You Paint!!

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