Commited blogger.

November 15, 2011

This is just a quick post about feeling proud of myself. Something I don’t often feel. I have trouble committing to things and carrying them on, I often give up at the first hurdle but even though I’ve had some times when I’ve not blogged for a month or so I have still kept it up for over a year and a half without completely abandoning it. I’m proud that people read this blog and that I have become part of a community and even been given a runners up award for my blogging. It shows that when I feel strongly enough about something I can commit and keep going. Maybe I can learn to use this determination in other part of my life too! Maybe…



  1. Keep it up. I recomment getting your own domain name though. You could do a lot. Check out my blog and see what you can do with your own domain.

  2. keep blogging on 🙂

  3. I wish I had your blogging commitment! Well done!! x

  4. Good work at keeping up the blog. I’m hoping I’m able to do the same with mine. It’s rewarding to have some output for once.

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