Savannah- The book.

November 15, 2011

As you may or may not know. I am writing a book. I am usually factual events in my life and inserting them into a fictional story about a girl with mental health problems.  I am calling the book Savannah. I’m not too good at writing fiction because I end up reading through what I’ve written and see that I’ve basically just re-written something I’ve read before. Yet with this story it is quite easy to write because I can experience the emotions when I write it. I mostly write when I’m feeling a certain awful way and then allow my character to use that to dictate what will happen in her life at that time of the book and what she is feeling. When I’m feeling good and decide to write, this is when she is in a stable emotional state, she will shift from mood to mood just as I do. It’s easier to write what’s going on with your own head and say it’s fiction.

The differences between my real life and what I’m writing are the setting and the events taking place. All the emotions are what I’m thinking and feeling at the time. It’s a useful way for me to write and create a piece of work at the same time. Especially when I lack the ability to not steal other people’s ideas. It’s hard to create something completely fresh and new. The characters in the story have new names but are all people in my life. Of course I had to make up an ending to her story but my story isn’t at it’s end and I am only 19. But I have found a satisfactory ending that I feel is fit. It’s not necessarily what I feel will happen to me but sadly it doesn’t end in recovery. The reason for this is that the books I have read about mental illness generally end in recovery and I wanted to show how it doesn’t always happen like that. Even if it doesn’t get published I hope one day I can finish it and be proud of it.



  1. My intended novel is also on mentalness, but oddly my brief is to consider from an angle quite different from my own circumstances. Clearly experience will feed into it, but no more than that. I don’t know why, because the particular synopsis I’m working with is completely to me!

    I really haven’t done any of it lately, due to both exhaustion and general apathy. Which is why I really admire what you’re doing. Writing when you feel crap is a massive deal, and I really like the idea that you can show your protagonist’s mental health difficulties so precisely because you’re experiencing those very issues yourself at the time.

    I look forward to eventually reading it 🙂

    Take care

    Pan x

    • I could send you a few chapters if you like. I haven’t had any mentalists read it yet and a mentalist’s opinion would be much more valuable to me due to the subjects! Plus I trust you enough to know you wouldn’t steal it 😉 And as you are much better at writing things in a grammatically correct way and more precise way than I am, your opinions would help a lot! Message me on facebook if you’d like 🙂 xx

  2. Sounds like a great book in progress, I’m sure you will finish it eventually – I’m still working on mine! I’ve got a Beta reader going through mine at the moment (a writer) which will be great for feedback on structure and form, but would love someone else to read it too for a different perspective (if you’re interested?) xx

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