It’s that time of year again.

November 25, 2011

No I’m not going to be blathering on about Christmas and the wonders of giving. It’s the time of the year that is the darkest of the year. S.A.D, depression, suicidal feelings and being alone on Christmas.It’s that time of the year again.

Suicides are at all an all time high around Christmas time and it’s supposed to be the best time of the year. The happiest. It seems like depression always gets us at times where we are supposed to be happy. So on goes the big smile, it can be painful to pretend but please remember that there are people who care and you can talk to. I have made so many useful contacts and friends through facebook and twitter. I know that when I am distressed or worried about something one of them will have the answer! If you don’t want to talk to someone you know then call the Samaritans, they can help you and talk to you. And if you know anyone who may be feeling down or alone this Christmas, if you can’t invite them over, please try and help them find someone to spend Christmas with (if they want to of course). Nobody needs to die this winter.

On a happier note, Christmas IS coming and I have been put on some new medication which will hopefully mean I get to have an un-depressed Christmas! It feels strange because this is the first year that I haven’t really treated Christmas religiously and I keep thinking, why do people who aren’t Christians celebrate a Christian holiday, surely that’s cheating? I would feel uncomfortable singing religious Christmas songs not being religious yet so many do.

As you can tell I’m really struggling to write some good lengthy posts lately and I’m sorry for that. My concentration hasn’t been very good lately and I’m struggling to find any topics to write about. I usually write here when big awful things happen so I guess a decrease in length and posts is good right?




  1. ‘It seems like depression always gets us at times where we are supposed to be happy.’ this is exactly how I feel. I hope the new medication works and that you have a happy Christmas (: x

  2. I’m very bah humbug about the christmas season, can’t wait for it to be over and things to get back to ‘normal’ I too am feeling low and unmotivated as winter draws in. tbh even though it was my birthday yesterday and I had already written the post that went up today I wanted to post a minuscule blog post today that just says it all. The post I wanted to write was:

    “Bored of Life, Bored of Living: That is all”

    I think that fully sums up how I feel at the moment, but instead I am plodding on automatic robot mode in place, hopefully I will feel better soon as I can’t go on with this acting much longer, it’s exhausting!

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