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June 30, 2010

I thought i would write a quick post about some of the questions that pained me when i went to my first assessment with the cranbourne MH team.

Have you had over 5 abortions?

I obviously said no but the fact this was a standard question on first meeting shocked me. I thought, there must be a lot of abortions related to mental health problems. My heart sunk for people who have to go through that. And why is over 5 troubling and not 4 or 3??

I guess i’ll never know. MH workers seem to love me because thy dont have to ween me off smoking, drinking or drugs. Whenever answer not to do you drink, smoke or take drugs they never believe me. I have to really try and convince them. I kind of like that i can surprise MH workers because im sure after a while nothing can surprise them.

I don’t understand why you have to be a “trouble child” just because you suffer with MH problems, ive never been a trouble child. I guess there must be the ones who go off the rails because of all the pain surrounding life and then the ones like me, who suffer silently and crack later in life when it all comes to surface. Well that’s my bit for today i’m almost at counsilling.