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When I grow up I want to be a Psychiatric Nurse.

September 17, 2010

I just had SUCH a shock, my blog is features on a website ( under 101 blogs to help you with depression. Bloody hell, that’s really made my day. I always wanted to be a mental health nurse from a young age, I wanted to help people who were ill like my dad. Then throughout the years I thought, would it really benefit me to be around people who may be seriously ill or would it trigger frightening childhood memories. I was heartbroken that I felt I couldn’t cope being a psychiatric nurse. Then , recently I realised I don’t have to be  Nurse to help people with mental health problems, my blog is doing just that. My dream of helping people with mental health problems has come true and I didn’t need a PhD to do it. Wow, and that’s really lifted it. I am doing what I always wanted to do 🙂 I didn’t fail.


Dr T, the narcissist.

September 4, 2010

This woman is beginning to get on my nerves a little. Her comments are unfair and brutal, I’d say very black and white. A splitter maybe? Her attack seems to be against only women too which is a little odd as some men have cluster B disorders too, even if it isn’t as many. Her pages seem to be filled with adoring men who idolise her and praise her. Methinks she is a lost little girl herself who needs this praise and appreciation which she may not have recieved elsewhere. She believes everything she says is right and seems to feel above people who are cluster B’s. A little Narcissistic, no?


Music for the soul

August 26, 2010

I know this will make a certain someone feel good and I adore her and her music anyway so she deserves to feel good!  A good song can always make a mood change and a bad song can change it right back. The soul needs music that inspires and speaks to our hearts.

One of her songs really speaks to me and brings me to tears when I hear it, It expresses everything I fear and everything I experience in everyday life. I won’t mention her name as she likes to stay anonymous on blogging but she knows who she is.

She is an inspiration to us here “on the borderline” 😉


EDIT: I have permission to name such lovely lady as Kayla Kavanagh, search her on youtube, facebook, google, everywhere! Do it! 😛


I love my primary enabler, Mental Nurse!

August 23, 2010

This has got to be the best quote of the year and yes it did happen like this 😉

Mental Nurse: ‘ Pandora, Magicplum, Borderline Girl Bipolar Parents, Ramblings of the Differently Sane et al (in unison): “Hey, you there! You’re our primary enabler! Have you come her to help us act out and be all toxic and nefarious?”
Zarathustra: *dons shades* “That’s me! Now hop over here and love-bom…b me, baby. Hope you’re feeling predatory, cos it won’t manipulate itself!” ‘

We have all taken Mental Nurse as our biggest excuse yet to be sociopaths. Without Mental Nurse, I wouldn’t be able to abuse anyone. Thank you Mental Nurse and all you do for me.



August 21, 2010


Have you ever walked up to a group of people been asked if you’re mental and when you reply yes, they cheer? No? Well you’ve never been to a madup xD i started writing this blog after i found Seaneen Molloys blog secret life of a manic depressive and then from there everything kind of took off, new people to talk to, a fan page and now the madup 🙂 it was kind of surreal and I never knew I could feel comfortable around a group of 20 people i’d never met…I think it was because although we’d never met, we knew enough about eachother that we didn’t need long intros on what we do or where we were from. It just felt like a group of friends spending a day together. We also knew that these strangers would be the last people to judge us or ask about scars with a terrified look.
With some people for me it felt like meeting someone from tv, you read all about them on their blog and admire them, they have hundreds of people who read the blogs are are helped by them and I get a chance to meet them. I know it sounds weird but I felt really privileged to meet some these people, I guess i felt better about myself as a blogger because I got to spend time with bloggers who are well known in the madosphere. You should all be very jealous 😉
Thanks especially to Karen: for inviting me!
Kayla and Jenny for travelling with me 🙂
And of course Seaneen for setting up the madup and for writing her blog which inspired mine!

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