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BPD- Illness or Disorder of thoughts?

October 4, 2010

There’s has always been the argument of whether BPD is a mental illness and since no one can decide (not even MH professionals) it will still be a mystery. But I thought I would discuss this debate. I would classify a mental illness as something that is about the way the brain is functioning incorrectly such as chemical imbalances and a mental health “problem” as the disorder of your thoughts that have stemmed from earlier (traumatic) life events.

I posted this argument on facebook and I think this would the best responce:

“Borderline personality disorder, like other personality disorders, are thought to be ineffective coping mechanisms adapted by people in response to chaotic, stressful life circumstances during childhood. However, some mental health professionals now believe that borderline personality disorder may have an organic component as well.”

So this explains it isn’t an “Illness” but mental health professionals are now finding biological features that may mean it IS an illness. Hmm…but does an illness have to be biological?




unhealthy condition; poor health; indisposition; sickness.

1.  ailment, affliction, infirmity.

This definition of illness would I believe dictate that BPD is an illness. I know my emotions and splitting etc mean I am in an unhealthy mental condition. And definately full of inner affliction and conflict.

In all honesty, I would rather it be classified as an illness because otherwise there is so much more stigma because some people can accept that extreme mental illness means you can’t cope with everyday life. But if it isn’t classified as an illness then you get more judgement because it’s just a little mental health “problem” not a full blown illness. I think when it gets to a point that a mental health problem can end you up on a psychiatric ward then it becomes an illness.

I wrote this for a friend who told me her social worker is unsupportive because the social worker believes that BPD is not a mental illness. I say whether it is an illness or not people should be supported for any mental health issues they have because the smallest mental health concern can become a full blown illness if not supported.

If BPD isn’t a biological illness then why is it medicated? Surely any psychiatrist who believes in the treatment of BPD with meds would say it is a mental illness. My psychiatrist doesn’t believes this, he says that all that’s going wrong inside of me is because of a hectic upbringing so he doesn’t seem to claim it is a biological illness although he hasn’t said otherwise. I don’t think he would want me to think of it as an illness. He never wants to give me meds and believes therapy is the way forward so seeing it as an illness is quite hard for me. Please continue the debate, It’s a really intriging discussion.



“You know your diagnosis?” “Yeah, BPD.” “Exactly.”

September 5, 2010


When I was first told I had BPD I was sort of happy, it wasn’t bipolar or anything that meant psychosis could be on the agenda…but since then I’ve realised that I’ve been given one of the worst diagnoses and not because of the BPD itself but because of the stigma and views on BPD.

Now I think, if i had a mental illness that people could accept then my difficulties in everyday life and pain could be more understood by others. But then when Dr SJS says that he’s worried about me having bipolar my heart sinks. Sometimes I’ll be watching tv and it’ll pop into my head, “you have a mental illness, good luck with this one”.

I think the trouble with BPD is that all our coping techniques are learned and we have to unlearn them whereas mood disorders are treated with medication. We have to talk and talk and talk and hope we are “cured”. Yet it’s like saying to a bird, “stop flying”, we survive with these ways of thinking and taking them away can be terrifying because then we can’t fly and if we can’t fly, we’re vulnerable. Sorry if i’m babbling I’m a little drugged up, my meds makes me a little woozy. That was my little rant for today. *goes to bed feeling sorry for self*



June 30, 2010

I thought i would write a quick post about some of the questions that pained me when i went to my first assessment with the cranbourne MH team.

Have you had over 5 abortions?

I obviously said no but the fact this was a standard question on first meeting shocked me. I thought, there must be a lot of abortions related to mental health problems. My heart sunk for people who have to go through that. And why is over 5 troubling and not 4 or 3??

I guess i’ll never know. MH workers seem to love me because thy dont have to ween me off smoking, drinking or drugs. Whenever answer not to do you drink, smoke or take drugs they never believe me. I have to really try and convince them. I kind of like that i can surprise MH workers because im sure after a while nothing can surprise them.

I don’t understand why you have to be a “trouble child” just because you suffer with MH problems, ive never been a trouble child. I guess there must be the ones who go off the rails because of all the pain surrounding life and then the ones like me, who suffer silently and crack later in life when it all comes to surface. Well that’s my bit for today i’m almost at counsilling.