My pseudonym is Savannah, I am 19 years old and married.

I have Borderline Personality Disorder, with anxiety and depression.

My father is Bipolar and my mother is autistic. I have had many experiences of hospitalisation and psychosis from my father and my mother had celebrity worship syndrome. They often had so many of their own problems and obsessions that I was left to deal with everything myself. My dad is always in and out of hospital while my mother travels the world chasing the celebrity love of her life.

I enjoy being creative. I like painting, reading and blogging. I don’t go out much, I feel safer indoors.

I have a love for musical theatre and singing and was once part of my school’s choir.

I am currently writing my own book, please follow me on twitter or add me on facebook. The links are on the side of this blog.



  1. We sound super similar 🙂 Heard about your blog through Mental Nurse – looking forward to reading your entries!

    Drawing, painting, writing, theatre = love.

    outwardly x

  2. I love Sweeney Todd!

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